Purchase Order Financing (POF)

What is POF?

FinShare PO Financing module (POF) is used to provide pre-shipment financing to the customers. The product can be configured to be either Buyer centric or Supplier centric. FinShare-POF provides a powerful entry into supply chain financing by capturing the customer’s business at the early stage.

PO has pre-shipment financing based upon the Purchase Order and/or Pro-Forma Invoice generated upon approval by the seller. The module can be integrated with a customer’s ERP system so that PO and shipment information can flow into FinShare and be processed seamlessly and automatically.


Benefits of the FinShare Solution

  • Discrete tracking and viewing of information for either the buyer or seller.

  • Pre-Export Financing
    • Buyers finance against the purchase order.
    • Sellers finance against the Pro-Forma.

  • Post-Export Financing
    • Buyers will finance against their inventory/ payables.
    • Sellers will finance against the commercial invoice.
  • Maintains a complete audit trail of transactions for compliance with the funding source and other banking regulatory guidelines.

  • Integrates with Receivable Finance product for streamlined total supply chain approach.

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