Customer Onboarding (COB)

What is COB?

The FinShare-Customer Onboarding (COB) tool is designed to provide onboarding for customers for multiple bank services or applications. It incorporates accelerated customer data acquisition, verification and validations. The approach is to acquire data from vetted sources or deemed reliable sources to push the supplier information during the invitation/registration to the prospective supplier.

The supplier may then review, edit, verify, validate, or enhance for submission rather than input all information from scratch, which would be prone to errors.

Benefits of the FinShare Solution

  • Invitation to Supplier to Join Buyer Programs.

  • Auto Generate Setup Form and Agreement & Required Docs.

  • Self-Registration by Suppliers.

  • Support Document Status Tracking.

  • Bank Review and Approval.

  • Multi-country, multi-language, and multi-program support.

  • Interface with internal and external systems to vet Suppliers .

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