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Delivering an extensive suite of supply chain finance digital solutions with flexible feature integration and trusted products to help you increase efficiency, unlock value, and manage risk.

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What is FinShare?

Our FinShare platform provides end to end transparency with a centralized dashboard to help our clients manage supply chain transactions, financing, and analytics. With a user-friendly interface and customizable features, FinShare improves process efficiency, eliminates errors, and provides real-time information for timely and accurate decision-making to stay competitive.

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Choose from a variety of FinShare products that can be combined or customized, creating a solution that fits your unique supply chain finance needs.
Checkmark icon Versatile FinShare product suite
Checkmark icon Modular solutions for customization
Checkmark icon Scalable products for growth
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Seamless Platform Integration

FinShare can be configured to be compatible with your current systems by automating processes and maximizing efficiency.
Checkmark icon Increase Efficiency with System Integration
Checkmark icon Tailored FinShare solutions
Checkmark icon Future-proof compatibility
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Global Services & Support

Our global team offers experienced knowledge and expertise, committed to extending FinShare's benefits to your customers with tailored solutions.
Checkmark icon Working capital and banking experts with industry insights
Checkmark icon Dedicated team focused on customer satisfaction
Checkmark icon Global support
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Top Security

FinShare provides in-app user control and data administration with multi-level protection, ensuring cybersecurity for all client and customer data.
Checkmark icon Data access control based on cybersecurity guidelines
Checkmark icon Follow secure coding best practices
Checkmark icon Secure hardened infrastructure
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Smart Automation

Revolutionize your financial processes with FinShare's end-to-end automation, powering straight-through processing from ERP to settlement payment process.
Checkmark icon Smart automation for monitoring transactions and operations
Checkmark icon End-to-end automation for streamlined financial processes
Checkmark icon Centralized database with customizable business parameters
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End-to-end Working Capital Solution

FinShare is a single platform that covers financing needs along side the supply chain from pre-shipment, in transit, post shipment to post payment.
Checkmark icon Custom portal with enhanced UI/UX
Checkmark icon Statistical and analytical reporting
Checkmark icon Early or maturity payments with reconciliation
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Proven Supply Chain Finance Solutions

Premium Technology offers a fast and cost effective implementation of our FinShare product. FinShare is proven to reduce the average processing time from two days to under one day.
Checkmark icon Currently utilizes over 50,000 clients in more than 100 countries
Checkmark icon Processes over 30 million transactions monthly
Checkmark icon Industry awarded product with both global and regional bank clients
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Our Trusted Partners

We proudly collaborate with renowned global leaders to bring market-leading financial solutions. Our carefully selected partners share our commitment to excellence and innovation, enabling us to provide our clients with the best in class services and unique opportunities.

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Our Affiliated Organizations

Premium Technology is a proud member of these organizations, solidifying our commitment to excellence, innovation, and industry leadership. Our membership signifies not only our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements but also our relentless pursuit of excellence in the business.