Risk Participation & Syndication

What is Risk Participation & Syndication?

Premium Technology's Risk Participation System manages multi-bank / multi-country financing transactions and provides services to the participants, who are banks, financial institutions or investors. By selling participation, a bank can release some of its' risky assets to reduce exposure to delinquencies, foreclosures, bankruptcies and company failures.

Participants can generate revenue streams and extend its' reach to other markets by shouldering all or part of the risks associated with the aforementioned risk assets.


1.Bank manages transaction.

2.Lead Financial Provider has established relationship with Customer unchanged by RP agreements.

3.Multiple relationships with Participants in parallel.

Benefits of the FinShare Solution

  • Supports all of Finshare’s product (ex. Receivables, Payables, Factoring).

  • Risk-sharing relationships between Financial Providers (FP).

  • FPs may agree to coverage of all or part of a loan between Lead FP and Client.
  • Multiple RP relationships to one lead bank.

  • Support funded and unfunded participation.

  • Automation of the calculations, reports, notifications, etc.

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