Purchase Order Financing

What is Purchase Order Financing?

FinShare PO Financing module (POF) is used to provide pre-shipment financing to the customers. The product can be configured to be either Buyer centric or Supplier centric. FinShare-POF provides a powerful entry into supply chain financing by capturing the customer’s business at the early stage.

PO has pre-shipment financing based upon the Purchase Order and/or Pro-Forma Invoice generated upon approval by the seller. The module can be integrated with a customer’s ERP system so that PO and shipment information can flow into FinShare and be processed seamlessly and automatically.


1. Buyer submits purchase order.

2. Seller requests pre-shipment finance.


a) Bank approves financing request.

b) Bank funds Seller.

4. Seller ships goods to Buyer. (At this stage, Buyer may provide Goods Received Notice (GRN) to Bank via FinShare).

5. Bank debits Seller at maturity.

After Purchase Order Financing, the Seller can continue to Receivable Financing, or the transaction may be completed with direct payment.

Benefits of the FinShare Solution

  • Discrete tracking and viewing of information for either the buyer or seller.

  • Pre-Export Financing
    • Buyers finance against the purchase order.
    • Sellers finance against the Pro-Forma.

  • Post-Export Financing
    • Buyers will finance against their inventory/ payables.
    • Sellers will finance against the commercial invoice.
  • Maintains a complete audit trail of transactions for compliance with the funding source and other banking regulatory guidelines.

  • Integrates with Receivable Finance product for streamlined total supply chain approach.

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