Receivables Finance (ARF)

What is ARF?

Receivables Financing (ARF) allows for bank’s client to improve their cash flow by converting their accounts receivables, invoices into cash, instead of waiting for their buyers to pay on maturity day. In an ideal world, the cash conversion cycle (CCC) would run smoothly, enabling all participants to maximize working capitals, drive revenue and make accurate financial forecasts. However, the reality is different.

Disconnect in communication and action from all ends of the cycle leads to each participant, buyer, seller, and bank’s inability to execute and grow their business. Premium's Receivables Financing Solution ends that disconnect, streamlining the financial supply chain and providing value for all participants. Using the latest Java/J2EE/XML technology and rules-based engines, Premium provides an end-to-end receivables financing solution that reduces errors, enables collaboration, and automates key banking processes.


Benefits of the FinShare Solution

  • Shorten Cash Conversion Cycle.

  • With our Receivable Finance you can facilitate
    • Distributor Finance
    • Dealer Finance
    • Vendor Finance
    • Trade Receivable Purchase (TRP)

  • Straight-Through Processing.

  • Provide Cash Management/ Cash Forecasting.

  • Community for Recourse vs Non Recourse Financing.
    • Risk is on buyer for Non-recourse and on seller for recourse.

  • Auto bulking of eligible invoices into trade asset.

  • Asset picking strategy can be configured for auto discounting.

  • Robust reporting available to bank supplier and buyer.

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