FinShare Platform

The FinShare solution is a high-powered, fully
customizable framework supporting a wide
range of financial product offerings.

Read on below to find out how Finshare can
maximize your client potential.

Premium Technology provides a platform whose breadth of coverage and flexibility make it unique in the industry, accommodating a client's specific needs in the marketplace and integrating seamlessly with their existing business model. Financial service providers who choose FinShare benefit not only from its streamlined design and extensive toolbox, but also from our team's expertise throughout the industry and decades of experience in the growing fintech marketplace.



You choose the FinShare products that fit your needs

Our developers can build the compatibility that makes FinShare work for you

In-app user control and data administration comes with every FinShare build

Our team is committed to helping yours bring the benefits of FinShare to customers with ease and total satisfaction


Let us do the heavy lifting. With FinShare's smart
automation, you can identify the transactions and operations that
get delegated to your helpful software assistant―leaving you to
bring in more business. Finshare provides End to End automation
with straight through processing from ERP to settlement payment
process. Product features, currency exchange, customer
onboarding, interest and fee schedules, and credit and risk
management are all in one centralized set of databases and one
common interface. You decide the parameters of your business;
FinShare does the rest.
FinShare is an off-the-shelf product that can interface with many ERP systems. Using custom or in-house software for backend processing? Our developers can build the compatibility that makes FinShare work for you. Whatever you need to know to evaluate and position your business, FinShare can deliver.

Shorten Your Cash Conversion Cycle Extend DPO and Shorten DSO

Whether it's a service you provide or an innovation, we can help bring it to market. The FinShare suite offers a combination that will work for you.
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Risk/Limit Controls
Invoice Management

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