Inventory Financing

FinShare Inventory Financing allows customers to request for either a short-term loan or a revolving line of credit based on their available inventory. The valuation of the inventory can fluctuate and is utilized as the collateral for the financing.
Businesses will pay their suppliers in the short term with the funding acquired from Inventory Financing prior to selling their inventory to their customers. This type of financing is also often used by businesses to handle seasonal changes so that they can acquire extra inventory to achieve higher sales volume.

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How Inventory Financing Works

Inventory Financing diagram

Seller submits and reviews new inventory.


FinShare applies Eligibility Rules against the portfolio of inventory.


Bank reviews & approves/rejects the portfolio evaluations. If necessary, the Bank can override the evaluations and adjust amounts.


Seller asks for financing against the portfolio.


Bank disburses the net proceeds.


Payment from Seller for the loan.

How FinShare Uses Inventory Financing to Benefit You

Learn more below about how FinShare uses Inventory Financing to benefit businesses and optimize financial health. FinShare's proprietary technology streamlines the Inventory Financing process, making it faster and more efficient for businesses.
Additionally, FinShare offers personalized support and guidance to ensure that businesses are making the most of their financing options and optimizing their financial health.
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Customize different Inventory Types
With FinShare, you can easily customize different inventory types in the system depending on your needs.
Updates portfolio Regularly
Enjoy the benefits of customizable portfolio updates. In FinShare, the Bank reviews and can approve or reject the portfolio evaluations as needed. Additionally, our system, FinShare, allows banks to override the evaluations and make necessary adjustments.
Flexible inventory appraisal rules
FinShare’s flexible inventory appraisal rules allow for businesses to have the value of their inventory holdings assessed on time.
Automated Uploads of Inventory by Customer
FinShare automatically uploads your inventory with ease. Pull your information directly through your ERP system.

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