Distributor Finance

Distributor Finance allows for you to have a shorter cash conversion cycle and the convenience of auto-bulking eligible invoices and configuring asset picking strategies.

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How Distributor Finance Works

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Seller uploads invoices and can request for early payment. (optional)


Bank processes and disburses Early Payment to Supplier.


Distributor creates payment instruction to define what must be done at Invoice maturity; pay by cash/loan/combination.


Bank pays Seller on invoice due date via distributor finance loan.


Buyer repays distributor finance loan on maturity date (deferred payment).

How FinShare Uses Distributor Finance to Benefit You

Learn more below about how FinShare uses Distributor Finance to benefit businesses and optimize financial health. FinShare's proprietary technology streamlines the Distributor Finance process, making it faster and more efficient for businesses.
Additionally, FinShare offers personalized support and guidance to ensure that businesses are making the most of their financing options and optimizing their financial health.
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Extends Loan Option Increases DPO for Buyers
FinShare extends loan options, boosts buyer DPO, optimizes cash flow, strengthens relationships, accelerates seller cash flows, enhances liquidity. Banks benefit from streamlined transactions and comprehensive reporting, empowering stakeholders for an efficient supply chain.
Early Payment Financing Decreases DSO for Sellers
FinShare's early payment financing reduces DSO, improving liquidity for sellers and strengthening buyer relationships.
Increased Credit Availability for Buyers
FinShare offers increased credit availability for buyers, accelerating payment cycles and improving liquidity for sellers. Banks benefit from streamlined credit management with enhanced cash flow and an efficient supply chain ecosystem.
Facilitates Better Buyer-Seller Relationships
FinShare facilitates better buyer-seller relationships, benefiting buyers, sellers, and banks. It streamlines financial interactions, enabling smooth transactions and collaboration.

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