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    Maximize your supply chain effortlessly with FinShare, our platform for seamless operations, process optimization, and data-driven insights. Streamline with confidence and unlock your full potential.

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      We at Rawbank always strive to give the best products and experience to our customers. We have chosen Premium Technology to automate our supply chain finance because of their expertise and proven track record in this field. We are looking forward to giving better, more efficient modern solutions to our customers this 2023.    

    Nadeem Akhtar
    Directeur General Adjoin Support & Infrastructure at RawBank

    Citi is a leader in providing working capital finance solutions and Premium Technology has been a key relationship for Citi in the delivery of leading digital solutions to our clients.    

    Christopher Cox
    Global Head, Trade and Working Capital Solutions

    With the goal of providing the best digital experience to the financial activities of Vietnamese businesses, Premium Technology's professionalism and modern technology are an important factor in helping Techcombank successfully develop the SCF end-to-end technology.    

    Dang Trung Hieu
    GTS Solution Development Director

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Why FinShare
Revolutionize Your Financial Workflows with FinShare
FinShare is a powerful digital financial supply chain collaboration platform that streamlines workflows for businesses of all sizes. With a user-friendly customer experience, customizable checklists, and advanced workflows, it offers a flexible solution to meet unique and tailor made workflow requirments. Businesses can elimate defect rate, increase productivity, and stay ahead of the competition with FinShare with the fully automated digital platform. Creates transparency between Buyer, Seller and Anchor clients on a closed loop ecosystem.
Improved Collaboration
FinShare simplifies collaboration, streamlining communication and enabling timely and accurate decision-making. Teams can work together seamlessly and receive real-time updates on status of the transaction(s).
Customizable Workflows
FinShare offers customizable workflows, allowing businesses to tailor the solution to meet their unique needs, enabling efficient workflows that align with specific business requirements.
Streamlined Processes
With FinShare, businesses can reduce error rate, save time, and work more efficiently by automating manual processes and simplifying financial workflows.
Enhanced Security
FinShare provides advanced security features to ensure the protection of sensitive financial information, safeguarding confidential information and maintaining regulatory compliance.
We’ll do the heavy lifting
Expert Customer Service Specialties
At Premium Technology Inc, we excel at providing expert customer service through our specialties in development, innovation, customization, efficiency, scalability, security, and optimization.
Development Scalability Innovation
Security Customization Optimization
Our Services
Who we service
Suppliers reduce their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), getting payment faster and keeping cash on hand for higher turnaround. They benefit from improved credit rating based on the Buyer relationship for low-cost, simple, on-demand financing and lower their production risks.
Buyers can extend their Days Payments Outstanding (DPO), unlocking millions in free cash flow, while strengthening key supplier relationships and attracting new ones. FinShare increases visibility and control, cutting overhead and streamlining supply chain management.
Banks can offer attractive, low-cost financing with higher revenue thanks to more efficient processing. Through a single streamlined interface, documentation and processing are managed, ensuring ease of use and enabling the financial institution to prioritize its commitment to shareholders and customers.
Cash Conversion
Improve Cash Conversion Cycle by Extending DPO and Shortening DSO
Whether it is a financial service or product that you want to provide, we can help you bring it to market. The FinShare suite offers combinations that will work for you. Let us shorten your cash conversion cycle, extend DPO, and shorten DSO through our FinShare module.
SOC 2 Type II - Premium Technology
Your Data Security Advantage:
SOC 2 Type II Certified
Secure Your Data with SOC 2 Type II Certification - Our Commitment to Your Protection. Protect your sensitive information with our SOC 2 Type II certification, exceeding the highest data protection standards.
At Premium Technology Inc, your privacy is our top priority. Trust us to safeguard your data while you focus on business growth. With our third-party audit and data protection guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that your business is in good hands.
SOC 2 Audited Type II
Our Trusted Partners
We proudly collaborate with renowned global leaders to bring you market leading financial solutions. Our carefully selected partners share our commitment to excellence and innovation, enabling us to provide you with best in class services and unique opportunities.