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Function Highlights

As part of the FinShare Financial Supply Chain Solution, the Risk Management System (RMS) is the core engine for management control over financing. This system can provide linkage to an in-house risk management system and/or clients can utilize this module as a standalone.  With our multi-dimensional hierarchical architecture, RMS manages and controls the limits of financial institutions and their clients.

Key Features
  •   Tree, Multi-dimensional View Structure
  •   Along with our Data Administration and Trade Document Preparation System, the RMS organizes the limits and customer information in a hierarchical way and maps it to the company's organization structure
  •   Assigns limit amounts, the limit control mechanism manages roles and rights for each node of the hierarchical tree
  •   Monitors and manages changes of limits dynamically and in real time
  •   Can be connected to a third party or a Bank's risk management system to manage risks during the full life cycle of the financing
  •   Links to regulatory compliance and surveillance systems (OFAC, AML, KYC, KYP, etc.)
Credit Insurance Tracking and Management Functionalities
  •    Can track and monitor bank owned and customer owned insurance policies
  •    Automatically notifies all interested parties with regard to limits, violations, deductibles
  •    Integrated with loan quotes to compute coverage fees
  •    Credit limit checks based on a supplier facility limit both at a total Bank relationship level and at a buyer limit level
  •    Credit limit checks at the supplier and buyer (sub-limit) relationship level
  •    Credit concentration limit checks and control for supplier, buyer, customer group, industry, currency, cross border, etc.
  •    Credit limit checks for product and sub-product limits by the customer which can include an advance ratio setup
  •    Credit limit checks to facilitate controlling multicurrency transactions against base currency limits

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