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Industry Terminology used in Purchase Order Financing:
  •     Pre-Export Financing
  •     Pro-Forma Financing
  •     Post-Export Financing
  •     Receivables Financing
  •     Commercial Invoice Financing
  •     Event Driven Inventory Financing
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PO Financing-Working Capital for the Global Supply Chain

Premium Technology's FinShare Purchase Order (PO) Financing System allows a financial institution to offer various types of working capital solutions to its' customers. These solutions enable its' customers additional funding to enhance trade movement.  Premium's Purchase Order (PO) Financing System is for buyers and sellers and incorporates our full purchase order to pay application plus the financing features of both Receivables Financing and Payables Financing.  In addition, it has pre-shipment financing based upon the Purchase Order and/or Pro-Forma Invoice generated upon purchase order approval by the seller. 

Premium Technology's Purchase Order Financing application provides discrete tracking and viewing of information that allows both pre-export financing and post-export financing for the buyer or the seller. Pre-export financing for the buyer lets the buyer finance items down to the sub-line item level of the purchase order. Pre-export financing for the seller will be invoice financing based upon the Pro-Forma invoices generated with the creation of the purchase order. Post-export financing occurs after the seller's product becomes available for shipment. The forms of post-export financing are Receivables Financing for the seller or Event driven inventory financing for the buyer. Additional financing for the buyer during the P2P cycle happens after receipt of goods. This financing is part of our Payables Financing product, which is based upon the buyer's payables.

Key Features
  •    Pre-Export Financing:  For the Buyer, it's based on the Purchase Order For the seller, it's based on the Pro-Forma
  •    Post-Export Financing: For the Buyer, it's based on the inventory (Payables Financing / Reverse Factoring).  For the Seller, it's based on the Commercial Invoice (Receivables Financing)
  •    Maintains a complete audit trail of transactions for compliance with the funding source and other banking regulatory guidelines
Business Benefits
  •    Allows bank clients to optimize working capital
  •    Financing for either the Buyer or the Seller
  •    Reduces Costs
  •    Does not allow for simultaneous financing (i.e. Purchase Order or Pro-Forma)
  •    Generates payment advices
  •    Generates Pro-forma and Commercial Invoices

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