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Premium Technology's Risk Participation System is an application of the FinShare Financial Supply Chain Solutions Suite. It manages multi-bank / multi-country financing transactions and provides services to the participants, who are banks, financial institutions or investors. By selling participation, a bank can release some of its' risky assets to reduce exposure to delinquencies, foreclosures, bankruptcies and company failures. Participants can generate revenue streams and extend its' reach to other markets by shouldering all or part of the risks associated with the aforementioned risk assets.   FinShare Suite Illustration
Key Features:
  •  Supports all of FinShare's products (ex: receivables financing, payables financing, etc.)
  •  Supports participations bought and sold
  •  Supports recourse/non-recourse participation
  •  Support funded and unfunded participation
  •  Supports different models, Pass-through, etc.
  •  Parameter driven and multi-dimensional profile
  •  Flexible interest and fee structure
  •  Participation percentage and maturity date can be different for
    each participant
  •  Manage and tracks participant's credit exposure, revenue, and income
  •  Provides reports, audit trails, event tracking, and event notification
    (ex: liquidations)
  •  Generate all related G/L entries
  •  Improves bank asset liquidity and Tier 1 capital adequacy ratios
Advantages of the FinShare Solution
  •    Streamlining the complex loan process
  •    Automation of most of the calculations, reports, notifications, etc
  •    Effective transaction management
  •    Visibility and control
Benefits for Lead Bank
  •    Compliance with bank lending limits
  •    Reduce the bank's risk exposure attributed to supply chain financing
  •    Improve the bank's asset liquidity and leverage
  •    Diversification of investment portfolio
  •    Improve risk mitigation strategies
  •    Get better returns on assets
  •    Take advantage of interest skim
  •    Take advantage of service fees
  •    Exclusive customer relationship
Benefits for Participants
  •   Create new revenue stream
  •   Indirectly reaches new market

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