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How DSO can be reduced using Premium Technology's Trade Document Preparation System

Letters of Credit (LC) transactions are extremely labor intensive and have the tendency to be filled with errors, which could cause the LC to be denied.  Our system is a highly sophisticated software solution that will automate the LC document preparation process.  With the help of our system the LC application can be approved faster; thus, the supplier can cut its' DSO by several days.  Our system helps by:

  •     Automatically loading the L/C and shipment information directly into document templates that have been pre-tailored to the client's requirements
  •     Automatically checking the document against a predefined list.
  •     Automatically checking for discrepancies.
  •     Automatically notifying users and third parties when various events occur through email, fax, mail, blackberry, etc.
  •     Sending out documents to third parties and making sure that they provide all the required information.
  •     Reviewing the completed document against the L/C requirements to make sure it is complete.

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