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The FinShare Solutions has an integrated core system platform comprised of 3 modules:
 1. A commercial loan system which is the processor for the financing and accounting modules for all FinShare products. It provides various forms of discount financing and validation functions necessary to process, value, validate, approve, and/or reject customer transactions. Some of these functions are:
  •    Flexible interest rate types (fixed, variable, indexed, custom)
  •    Various fee schedules: fixed, tiered, indexed, multiple, combinations
  •    Supports multiple interest calculation methods
  •    Supports interest accrual and amortizations
  •    Supports interest back value calculations, repayment and remittance,  loan rollover, interest and fee refund
  •    Multiple loan past-due schedules allows multiple penalty rates or fees
  •    Automated settlement and release functions
  •    Flexible and easy to use multi-currency settlements (cross-currency)
  •    Shadow Postings for snapshot views
 2. A Risk Management module for linkage to in-house risk management systems and/or utilized separately with functionality that includes:
  •    Tree, Multi-dimensional View Structure
  •    Credit limit checks and authorization controls based on a master facility and/or multi-tiered sub-facilities with real-time updates to reflect every transaction booked
    or liquidated
  •    Credit limit checks based on a supplier facility limit both at a total Bank relationship level and at a buyer limit level.
  •    Credit limit checks at the supplier and buyer (sub-limit) relationship level.
  •    Credit concentration limit checks and control for supplier, buyer, customer group, industry, currency, cross border, etc. Credit limit checks at the supplier and buyer (sub-limit) relationship level.
  •    Credit limit checks for product and sub-product limits by customer which can include an advance ratio set-up.
  •    Credit limit checks to facilitate controlling multi-currency transactions against base currency limits.
  •    Links to regulatory compliance and surveillance systems
  •    Credit Insurance Tracking and Management
    • - Tracks and Monitors Bank Owned and Customer Owned Insurance Policies
    • - Automatically notifies all interested parties with regard to limits, violations, and deductibles
    • - Works within the Risk Management limits
    • - Integrated with loan quotes to compute coverage fees
 3. Web-enabled access, collaboration, and negotiations functionality between participants (buyer, seller, bank, FIs, investors, corporations third party service providers) and transaction visibility.
  •    Allows communication to all parties concerned (restricted where necessary)
  •    All communication is tracked, numbered, and archived
  •    Dialogs between various parties may be formalized in chat boxes that are time logged and indexed for documentation history
  •    Collaboration and Negotiations for Open Account Agreement, PO acceptance/rejection/modification, ASN acceptance, Amends, Credit Notes, financing, settlements, etc.

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